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Rogue Solos Patchwerk

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O.O Damn you rogues with you and your haxin' the game. I mean you guys did in other bosses like Mother Shraz (well ok she was a bitch so I feel no pity for her), and even our poor lazy half elf-demon with his cute blades.

But Patch? He was as big as a house and smart as a bunch of bricks but he was everyone's favored red-headed step child. He made raiders feel good as their dps meters broke with crazy dps numbers. That's unless you were like melee avoiding stuff, or well watching TV (don't look at me TV and spamming like 3 spells was really all I did!).

But now rogues get to play with him all by their lonesome. Then again 5+ hours is 4 hours and 57 (ish) minutes too long...he is the red headed step-child of raiding for a reason.*

*Note I like red-heads, but dislike simple bosses.


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