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A plot or merely eye candy?

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As she sat amongst the tables, eyeing the blackjack table with one eye and the hot eye candy dealer to her side, Hotaru's concentration was well 'occupied'. The cute guy dropped a chip to the ground as he was starting to pack up his gear for the female dealer taking over his shift. As she started to churn up ideas into 'bumping' into the leaving dealer, the Troll noted a pamphlet discussing summer holiday packages.

The pamphlet had many pictures of ship and holiday packages for various cruises all over Azeroth (avoiding the big death trap that was the middle of the map where Azshara originally was located). There were a few Northrend cruises that coasted slightly in the area's waters - for those adventurous enough to cruise by but not to fight against the Scourge there. But they had more tropical packages that coasted by Stranglethorn...

Wonder if they have any gambling and 'eye candy' amenities, the Trolless smirked. She quickly pocketed the booklet and started to follow the guy already across the room. She deemed giving him a head start was only fair. She easily caught up to him, blinking across the room.


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