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Mother of the Year?

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Well it seems that someone has went overboard buying Baby gifts... the slender lock remarked. Then again she couldn't recall anything about Nemmy having a kid on the way...if anything the bald lock hated most things that were cute...or living...or well she wasn't up for any 'mother of the year' awards.

But strewn about in the suit they semi shared with 'unfortunate company' was a slew of baby products - outfits, bedding, food, and various toys. Did she pull a movie star move and adopt a child?

This poor, poor child...Locks aren't known for being nurturing; well unless by 'nurturing' you mean growing seeds of corruption and misery? As the Blood Elf sat in deep thought toying with the various lengths of Baby bedding, the senior Lock walked in with a small bundle in her arms.

The bundle snarled and snapped, trying to launch out of the Orc's arms.

"Look what the nether let me adopt today! My own baby demon! Ain't he darling?" The Lock beamed. Hotachan merely nodded, thinking This girl's off her rocker for sure now. Everyone knows an Imp is more of a dog than a baby! Guess her biological clock snapped.


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