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Mail Check!

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Mailboxes for all the eye could see...The designated area for all incoming mail of the island the Island Post was always full of customers looking for that lost packet of money, or family postcards. The Mage was looking around mostly for any word on that cruise.

Now she wasn't tired of gambling, just tired of this isle. As she hung by the mail boxes she pondered about her awol 'crew'. Her two bank managers were somewhere - probably partying with goblins. The two Alliance stowaways - pfft like she cared. Allies - can't live with em, can't ditch them on the side of a dirt road. The Death Knight...carving creepy things probably. The two locks...honestly she'd rather not know. The Druid is probably cultivating herbs somewhere away from the authorities.

But her? Other than a cutie here or there, she was just bored. Hanging by this mailbox was more exciting than flying by the craps tables as of late. Ugh, the Troll never though that she'd need a break from having a break.


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