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Magicus Interuptus.

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Eldai gasped from the giggling priest back to the tall hunter that stood mere feet from him. The soft purr of her stalwart pet made the supposed magician back up into the canvas tarp that covered a part of his show. 'Woah woah...what are you doin' here? Don't you have animals to kill, people to hunt down...that don't involve me?'

The huntress barely shows any emotion, well other than the barely concealed cold look of rage. 'What am I doing here? What am...you have some damn nerve after the shit you tried to pull - you're luck I didn't just sic him' she points to the disinterested cat to her side, 'on you, you backstabbing-'

'Hey guys is this part of the show? The dramatic timing is nice but I wanna see what's under the tarp!' Mysiae, the Queen of obliviousness the huntress laments. Why am I helping her again?

The blue tarp covered a large tall shape; as Eldai went to pull it down, the elf female hisses out, 'What are up to, you bastard? I know your planning something, you always are!' To this Eldai merely mutters out sarcastically, 'Nothing too illegal? Hope that's cool with you, my love'.


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