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Let's crash this party.

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The huntress edged her way closer to the large crowd to make it to the stage where her wayward priest was spazzing at the attentions of the 'magician'. Her ex husband turned magician (more than likely street hustler) had a silver framed tank full of water. He was motioning for the girl to settle into the thin straps that held her comfortably in place.

I so need to invest in a toddler harness for this girl...or a 'dranei' harness...she's like a child that cannot stay in one place! She walked up to the stage and shot the magician a dark glare.

As he started to secure Mysiae into the tank he finally noted the night elf female's gaze and started to turn from his normal midnight blue to various lighter shades more akin to sky blue.

'Planing on an on the job accident, eh Eldai?'


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