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Changes to my 'raiding' tab.

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I've sat on the fence about this for a while, after accepting that this blog was to become a gaming/random geekery style blog instead of purely WoW related things. And concidering I don't play anymore anyway, it's kinda silly to have it up there. But that section with all my raid info just keeps sitting there. What to fill it with?

Well as that page was basically a bragging rights page, why not keep it that way? I'm thinking less raid achievements and more private collection. All geeks have a private collection - be it Anime DVDs, manga, figurines, games - you get the idea.

Well I personally have a decent haul. And what fun is to collect and not show it off?! So I'm thinking I'll start including blog posts showcasing the rare, (and some downright hard to find) stuff I collect in my free time. So keep a look out!


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