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Bad sci-fi can be good entertainment

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Guest post written by Ben Byers - give him a bit of thanks as I've been out dealing with impending Auntiehood! And besides who doesn't like cheap Sci Fi flicks?

Most people will laugh when I tell them that I love cheaply made science fiction movies. But I’m as serious as a chestburster.

Maybe it’s because I just can’t take the movie genre seriously. Or maybe it’s just that I’m easily amused. Either way there are a lot of bad low-budget horror movies, whether they’re Syfy channel original movies on Direct TV or the ones featuring unknown tween actors that the Disney Channel always airs non-stop for the whole month of October. And if Satellite TV Dealers can guarantee that I get to see the cheap effects in HD, I’m sold!

But I can’t be the only one of this opinion. There’s a reason these keep getting made. But I do have one limitation to this obsession. I can’t watch a bad sci-fi movie in a movie theater. All of a sudden the cheap special effects trips that are obvious or bad CGI monsters are just frustrating instead of hilarious. It’s actually probably because I don’t want to go out of my way to drive to the movie theater and then pay eight bucks to see that kind of stuff. It’s just better suited for the TV screen.


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