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Anime and Cartoons

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Thanks to my friend Jacob Lang for the guest post.

My DVR is one of the most important things I have connected to my satalite tv. Since I was a little kid I have been getting up to watch cartoons every Saturday morning. One of my favorite TV shows growing up was C-Bear and Jamal. It was just like watching me and my friends having fun every day.

When I got older I started getting into anime. This type of cartoon was so interesting to me. It was so stunning that I would stay up every night just to catch the ones I liked. Sometimes it was real hard to stay up so late and catch episodes of my favorite shows; this is why I am so glad that I have my DVR.

Having the ability to watch shows that I like at any time is a great bonus. With the use of my DVR connection to my satellite TV I get to watch and record the best shows out. Also, being able to watch all the anime that I can handle at any time is the best feeling in the world.

I also like to watch all types of sports. Being able to rewind and watch great plays over and over is awesome. Showing my friends how my favorite players embarrass their favorites is worth all the money that I paid for my DVR.


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