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Used Games at Gamestop.com

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Thanks for the guest post, Walker Yourh!

When my kids all got video game consoles I had to find a place that sold used games online. I lived in a town where there wasn't a Game Stop, so I used my hughes net internet to shop online. I wanted to purchase many games for them so they could have plenty to choose from. I will admit that they weren't the best games that kids want to play but for the price, they didn't complain.

I went to the website and found that they had a great return policy, so I started to shop. I found many games for between two and five dollars, so I added many to my shopping cart. I didn't have to pay a lot of shipping and loved the fact that the kids could sell them back to a Game Stop if they didn't want them. I also thought that the guarantee of them working was worth the purchase.

When my kids got the games they loved them! Even my baby wanted to join in and play a few games. I made sure to let Gamestop.com know just how much I enjoyed the shopping experience, prices and how I could look at the games in order of cost.

Eventually the game consoles were stored away with the games and traded in for hand held devices. We still use our satalite internet service to shop at Gamestop.com for the best deals. My teenagers plan on taking in older versions of the hand held devices they have and trading them up for newer versions. I like the fact that Game Stop offers this option because it costs parents less every time something new surfaces. We will still purchase games at the online store, so we have the best selection of used items.


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