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South Park’s World of Warcraft

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The World of Warcraft Episode of South Park is probably one of the most viewed episodes of all time. Due to the large following of World of Warcraft fans, this episode hit it big with people all around the world. As I was watching the episode on my bestchoicetv satellite TV last night, probably for the tenth time, I couldn't help wondering If Blizzard Entertainment had a hand in helping create the episode.

While the creators of South Park seem to be great at the cut and paste style cartooning, they don't strike me as capable of creating anything utilizing 3d imaging. While I am sure they had help from somewhere, one has to wonder if they have ever even played the game. There are some real inconsistencies with the episode and real game. I would imagine that, for plot purposes, some things would be need to be improvised. There may be inconsistencies with the game but the players seem very real although a bit exaggerated. Every time I see this episode it makes me laugh because much of it is pushed to such an extreme.

With the large popularity of this episode it makes me wonder if they will ever create another episode on World of Warcraft. While there have been several South Park episodes based around games, (Guitar Hero) there have been very few based around computer games. I am sure that many other World of Warcraft and South Park fans would like to see another edition of the hilarious episode. I doubt we will ever see a more well thought of or more viewed episode of South Park as the World of Warcraft episode.

Guest Post by Charley Walsh


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