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The Shady 'Magician'.

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The huntress gritted her teeth at the man - the Tall even for elven standards man was at one time her partner, and husband. The crafty but free spirited Night Elf male was the perfect balance between the huntress' sharp and calculating nature. For every dour look she gave, he would stick out his tongue and magic trick up a bouquet of flowers. He knew when to be serious about himself on the hunt but when to let loose. And in more intimate matters...he made you forget everything and only want him. The model mate. Well except for that one mishap that involved him opening Funeral insurance under her name...

She had been cleaning off their secondary dinning table. They had a much bigger one but they usually had dead animals needing to be tanned of cured on top of it. So they sometimes ate on the smaller one. On it were kept papers, bills, bank notes. One popped up a bit curiously out of the pile. Life insurance quotes based on her race, sex, age, and over all health. Why have this...she was in picture perfect health...and she sure as anything didn't inquire into these things. The hunts they went on were dangerous sure, but not that intense!

She though nothing of it. She walked away seeing that her bags as well as his were full for the next outing. And all seemed normal...till the hunt later that month - the hunt in which mysteriously a bunch of raptors had ganged up on her. She valiantly fended them off, and also realized that he had packed her bags full of raptor lure.

She looked towards him, to her horror the fact that he had no intention of helping her survive the attack. The shock that crossed his face at her surviving the attack was too much - until he drew his rifle. His fingers shaking, the last words she recalled him intoning, Sorry babe, I need the Life Insurance money... rang through her ears as he shot her square in the chest.

Well he would had if her faithful pet Musclemainia didn't bound in, knocking his aim. He fell, then realizing his plan was foiled ran. Ran away and out of her life. To now be seen snaring her foolish priesty friend.

Seems that con artist has a new mark.


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