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A PSA - Because I kinda never adressed it.

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I am allowing another guest poster to share what she hopes will be an informative article for some of you. Now before you go all postal or scream I'm going anti-WoW, realize I'm not placing blame or pointing fingers. I just though the article was insightful and well, painting something in bright crayons isn't always the way to go. She asked me about some of the reasons I left WoW, as well as others in WoW and in the MMO community in general. My reasons were partly that I found the stress of dealing with perceived drama + increasing work to squash my WoW time.

But at one time I found myself seeing that my playing WoW was a bit on the side of unhealthy. At one point in time I was forced to close my account. I can readily admit this. And honestly before I left I knew a few that were stuck in the same boat due to fear of the world and dealing with it. For the many that could juggle a job and outside life alongside it, there were the batch that could barely stomach talking to a live person outside of vent. So I say, can others truely assess when they are 'going too far'?

In the off chance that a few of you do not know where you stand with WoW (any any MMO for that mater), read this to assess whether your playing for the right reasons - or are playing because your addicted. So read Melissa's post with an open mind. You may be perfectly playing for the right reasons, but a guild mate may secretly struggling.


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