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Orphan Had Just about Everything

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*Noting that I'm letting a few people talk about fun stuff on this blog - namely fun movies. A change of pace if you will. Welp back to Devil May Cry 2 (my latest assignment for mahalo).*

This is a guest post by horror fan Simon Bwolin

My family and I usually pick a movie to order from TVByDirect every Saturday night. This time, me and my wife thought that we would order one later after the children went to sleep. We decided to order the movie "Orphan."

All of the actors in it were new to me, but they did a pretty good job. I have to say, I am really glad that we did not have the kids present when the movie got started. It was about a family that had suffered the loss of their child, so they decided to adopt this Russian orphan. She stuck out like a sore thumb everywhere she went. Whether it was with other kids, or at school, she was the odd one out of the bunch.

The movie progressively gets darker as the story unfolds, revealing the child's real background. The girl paints this pretty pictures, but they are really pretty disturbed when you turn the blacklight on. You are left to wonder what happened to all of the other children that were burned in the orphanage fire before she came to America.

As it turns, out the little girl is really a dwarf woman that just looked like a kid. In reality, she was an escaped mental patient that went to orphanages to hide her true identity. When she tries to drug and hit on the father, the wife finds out what is going on and the start fighting. The little girl gets drowned, and the family comes out on top again. This movie was pretty crazy. As people try to tell the parents of what the truth really is, they are killed off one by one, by the little girl. This movie was kind of like "The Omen,' but was way more twisted.


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