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Hunting for a new HD drive - My PC is Evil.

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My current HD is a piddly 120 gig. (I had a second drive but it decided to die - r.i.p. 75 gig drive!) This one I currently use...well it has issues. When I played WoW it would flip out and crash everything. So far it, and my monitor whose power button likes to die (or not work) have sorta stayed working by the power of goodness or evil. I'm not one to choose.

But I have the bad feeling that whatever divine influence soon will fail. As I plan to move rather soon (crosses fingers!) I'm betting that one of the two will die. I mean my hard drive at times would cause mysterious screens of death. Then again the tower I currently use seems to hate my video card, and anything else that isn't 'new'. My monitor aside from the powering on issue is actually a decent size and shows a clear picture. So the hunt for a monitor and cheap hard drives begins. Wish me luck!


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