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FAIL - in pictures and song.

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Oh yes I was sent this gem to my box the other day, and now this song is all up in my head. Ah the days when stun lock pissed me off (trinkets and blink/nova ftw!), people trying to come at me with 7k hp and pve gear (gotta love cheap pvp gear) - this vid makes me remember the good old op days in BC.

    Key likes about this vid:

  • 1. Reminded me of better times before Wrath (ie. BC, and waay better - Vanilla WoW).

  • 2. The bass and lyrics makes my ghetto flag fly. (Go hard son!)

  • 3. The editing entertained my eye.

  • 4. The people who would send you tells to quit it after the fact - hilarity.

Sometimes a well edited and entertaining video is just that, entertaining. I'm watching the video's youtube comments section, waiting for for the incoming 'you suk at pvp' or 'stnlock is op!' ...oh wait. :3



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