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Diablo 3 already has an account market.

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Planning on getting Diablo 3 - you know I'm thinking about it. Well already people are offering Diablo 3 Accounts for sale. Odd isn't it? The game's not even out yet and already the account sellers are prepping their wares. I wonder how will they pull this off?

Do they have an army - a crack team if you will - of crazy coked up gamers that'll play for pay hundreds of man hours to level up an account's toons to be sale ready? Do they really expect the numerous Blizzard fan bois and gurls that have been waiting for years for a proper squeal to this (and StarCraft squee!) to go 'It's alright - time to sell this bitch!'?

I dunno. But the places are there in place - so if you want to Buy Diablo 3 Accounts keep an eye out; the account sellers have you on watch. I myself am just keeping my eye out - those screen shots look hawt. Doesn't help that Rob has been playing around in the Starcraft 2 beta for a few months now. Lucky dolt.


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