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Continuing Hotaruchan's edumuhcashun.

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The tall Troll Mage checked her mail and grinned at the batch of letters in her in box. One stood out the most - the letter, addressed from the University of Redlands. This was an off world California business school that she had earlier applied to before this extended trip. She was a Mage yes, a retired raider, but wasn't a fool. She plays the ditz well but knew at some point that skill' wasn't going to be but so helpful in the future. She was going to have to try for a new line of work eventually. (Never said Hota was truly dumb, just a bit on the sly :3)

She had applied to a few schools - both on Azeroth and in other realms. Being a Mage she could open portals to many alternate realms. Besides the only Horde run continued education schools she found involved 'pwning Alliance in 5 moves or less'. The others were headed up by Common speaking non Horde affiliated persons - lets just say getting a business degree from them was not happening.

In an alternate realm she found better prospects. The Inland Empire college area, located in what the natives deemed 'California' housed many a Southern California university, in the area. After donning an orb of deception, she teleported to the University of Redlands campus and filled out an app. Funny that they didn't question her funding - this realm loved its gold she supposed.

Opting for their business program would earn her more skills than 'flambe' and 'flirt'. Not that she wanted to take over her bank alt's jobs....but she's finding that the two girls in charge of the group's funds are withholding key information under her nose. Leaning more about her own business would make her more savvy to why her bank notes aren't matching what the vaults show....


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