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You wouldn't know it -

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but Tomoechan isn't just an oddly silent Death Knight body guard, she's an oddly silent Death Knight body guard who loves building things with hand tools. The glowy eyed, and deathly pale skinned twin to Hotaruchan, she also prides on being the total opposite of the style conscious Mage. Note:

  • Wears plain, but menacing plate. Fashion is frivolous for the dead.

  • Works with her hands. A Hammer drill is as just at home in her adept hands as a rune blade.

  • Kills with her hands...then eats the souls.

  • Cute. Death does not need cute.

  • Talking and flirting are bothersome, and unnecessary for survival. Talking only leads to bad deals and missing persons.

  • Art is found at the end of a circular saw, not a fancy spell.

The dour, former Troll just gives off an aura of fun. If by fun you mean feeling your soul squirm from the inside. Death Knights, those crazy rascals! After a hard day of defending the small bank girls, she retreats to her room full of power tools, and wood work. Hunks of wood sculpture are scattered everywhere. The sculptures are of lifelike beauty, the forms on par with the greats. If only the heart shaped gaps in their chests were not so off putting.

A barrel of laughs Tomoechan.


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