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Now Hotaspocket, that wayward second fiddle bank alt was secretly making her way to a small building away from the glamorous card tables, beer, and beaches. She originally was recruited to store cloth as the girls had a profitable clothing racket going on along side raiding. The business was doing fine, but to make life easier, Hotaspocket was made second in command to the bank funds. But she left out something important on her resume- she had a secret sports betting addiction.

Nothing serious, or to the point of destroying their funds, but enough where she just had to bet! And if her bets won (which to her credit did) the bank profited and the extra cash could be written off as 'surplus'. Win-win right? But sometimes her need to bet on the Silvermoon Basket Ball team tended to backfire hard.

Bloodelves were known for looking pretty, not being athletic - or money savvy but...she had her tricks. As long as the others never noticed she had her own fun on the side-

The timid elf bumped into something; or rather someone large and tough - Moonspy. Now how was she to talk out of this?


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