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Someone has a problem - part 2.

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Moonspy saw the tiny Sindorei walking suspiciously to the small shack from her vantage point on the sandy beach. Finding the small shaded area the closet thing to being 'land unspoiled by the hands of progress', the Druid hung out here to calm her nerves and to sneak away from those crazy Trolls, the crazy Warlocks, and those Alliance hangers on that for some reason liked to worship the Mage.

In her curiosity she wanted to find out what the shifty looking elf was doing. Seeing her of all people walking towards the sports betting shack was not encouraging. Considering that Moon had noticed that certain amounts did not add up from the tailoring and non defunct adventuring business, her eyes looked to the visibly nervous elf.

She only had to look at her before her thin lips started spilling out incriminating info about her dipping into the group funds (they are rather communistic after all) and that she was heading back to gaming more to earn it back. The girl needed to win some cash quick - or the others especially Hotastash and Tomoe would definitely not be happy.

The Tauren decided to turn her away from the alluringly bright shack, and gave the girl a personal loan out of her pocket. The Druid always pocketed a bit more than what she earned from the bank Troll - she figured most of the girls did that really. It made sense to carry enough to fix situations like this.

And the personal loan money she could easily earn back in a fortnight - she had connections to a network of over 150 lenders - and unlike their fearless Mage leader knew how to truly make money appear in a pinch. Moon only hoped that this personal loan was a wake call to the tiny blood elf. She would have to keep an eye on her - addictions never turn out well.


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