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Running around like a headless chicken.

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I had though I recorded me in a group type quest thing, but alas I failed and recorded nothing. But eh, Hotaruchan 2.0 is now a level 20 Mage and 15 Druid. I got wise and decided to do a batch of quests till say 15 or 20 on the Mage end. But I would finish up green quests or even all that she had in the log - but not turn them in.

Then I would swap to Druid and then turn em in. So many levels so fast! Add to the fact that theirs high levels out there just helping people out all the time. I'm not kidding - people asking for advice, and literally offering to help lowbies to do the harder elite quests. Add to that that my guildies well are rather helpful - I feel like I'm in a mature version of WoW; with more money spent (supposedly) and Less Chuck Norris. Frightening I know.

I will make a movie at some point. I'll have to make sure We Game is actually recording this time. *sigh*


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