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On the hunt for a Laptop.

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Custom Laptop is the name of the game - I love my PC. It's a great little machine that at once made me feel great at getting it without having to resort to buying (or using my horrible credit) from a retailer. An after years of dealing with the extra junk and limitations - Custom Computer all the way.

But now I find myself chained to the desk. I want mobility but sure don't want to deal with Dell. Their idea of Custom Computers is refurbished and lack luster parts. Well that and they sure don't want to deal with me. But I ponder how does one 'custom' a laptop. The inside parts don't allow for much leeway like a PC.

Custom Laptops are a mystery to me. I think that after years of going I dun needz no lap top!? I think I definitely need to get one. So if any one has any good places to look that sells decent (read: able to run at least Diablo II, vent, and winamp at the same) throw me a bone :)


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