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Mysiae learns a magic trick!

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Now we pan to our wayward Priest Mysiae. The silly Draenei was an easy going sort. Or was that easily amused? Anyway, she was trotting about, blissfully unaware of the learing eyes of the staff, and well half the population of the gambling den nestled somewhere on the scattered islands off the cost of Booty Bay. Draenei normally got used to being an oddity on Azeroth, but this one, was just too oblivious to most unsavory things.

Maybe this is why she consorted with Horde and was associated with Trolls, Warlocks, and Death Knights. But for now she was enthralled with the show unfolding in front of her. The local Magician (or swindler depending on who you talked to) was showing off amazing magic tricks to a small crowd.

He was making cards appear in places they shouldn't, and in one trick had tossed a deck into his woolen hat, tapped it, and had a flurry of birds fly out! The card magic tricks were astonishing. She wondered if he was a sorcerer - the Mage's tricks were never this entertaining - her tricks usually involved maiming or lighting things on fire.

Mysiae wondered if she could learn how to do some tricks of her own. There wasn't any nearby store where she could just up and learn some beginner magic tricks...Oh how she wanted make birds fly out of her hat!

She then noted the Magician looking, then point towards her. She gave a startled look as he motioned for her to come up. He wanted her in the act! She giggled following his lead. In the back end of the crowd, a slender figure in hunter's garb kept her eye on the too trusting priest...


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