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I have to say this - Paying Post = FAIL.

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A year or so back I decided to open this blog to sponsored posts. I was (and still am) a noob but I had fun with it. I found it neat to write about stuff that genuinely interested me and gave me topics to write about if I was having a blond moment for a daily topic.

Thing was, it was hard to get tasks cause at the time my blog had low PR (yes I know how silly PR really is but I humored them). But eventually I made head way and got some sponsors. I even started to toy with the links - having fun making a storyline with them. In fact many liked that and so I kept getting offers maybe not so on topic but I made them on topic. And with the many people I had work from on this and other blogs - even IZEA - I had overall good dealings with.

Except for one. Blog Advertising Store. Here I talked up how awesome they were - cause well they were getting off the ground and needed some linky love. Though they were new, they at the time catered to their blogger and had work even for low page ranking people. They didn't have alot of work, but they were shaping up to being possible competition to the big boys (IZEA and Pay U2 Blog). Couple that with a low payout ($25) it was a great place to earn.

Flash to a year later. They changed their name to Paying Post which was very off putting. They started hosting a blog that posted useless tips that most who went there knew. The payout was raised to $100 - which with the scarce amount of tasks made this almost a year long affair. But what made it worse was how once one got close to the payout, tasks started to get rejected all over the place.

But worse was when I found out through others was that they stopped paying on time - like maybe 3 months past their due date - or not at all. By the time I found out I had a kingly sum due. The date past and past and I'm left holding the bag with bills creeping up. Never have I've been so burned. Add to the fact that they never respond to emails, reject my posts on their blog (which implies they are there), and ignore my paypal requests, made me doubt I'll see any of that cash.

So I have notified those that were caught in the crossfire - the businesses that paid to have their links used that all dealing with them were no followed; but out of respect for them still kept in posts. I am in the process of removing their code as apparently they cause page lag and possible viruses! I feel that I deserve better on this blog, and just cannot in good faith support these guys.

Add insult to injury some of the links (really cheesy link directories) they had me post was owned by them! If any of you guys out there are thinking of hooking up with them - bail out now. Don't give them any inch of your blog space. If you are in the same boat as I, here's some links as to others who have been burned, and tips to get them to pay.

Their flaky emails, their using of bloggers' good faith, their threats to people who give them bad press, and the lengths one has to go to even get what is owed.

Also here's some emails:
support@payingpost.com (works)
paypal@payingpost.com (works)
paypal@biddirectory.us (seems to bounce back)
Robert G. support@blogadvertisingstore.com

I will update once (if they ever) they respond. It's been over 50 days - pay up!


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