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a Hota Says Moment

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This is a Hota Says Moment. Shut up Springer, you can't own 'X Says Moment', besides Dic (shudder) beat you to it with Sailor Moon in 1989. *Ahem*.

Hotastash wasn't always the amazing mathematician and goblin in Troll's clothing. She at one time during her 6 years had to get help from a tutor. She specifically needed to finish her year 11 statistics exam. But man was she having problems with the Statistics questions!

The Statistics problems were just running circles around her head and if she failed the class - she'd not get her banking Degree!? (Yes to be a personal bank alt you need to pass courses. Hotapocket is still halfway though her course work but is apprenticing under Hotastash) She was embarrassed as Math was her strongest subject. She plodded through until Professor Grimtooth took her aside - and suggested a website that could be of help.

So, Hotastash went to a Statistics tutor. The tutor was online on the Azerothian Wide Web, and was accessible 24-7 for a small sum of gold. With the help she gained from them, she passed her exam with flying colors and became the super alt bank we all know and love.

Hota Says - Don't be too proud to get help!


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