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A 'gaming site' review....

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Now when I saw the title of the page - Easy. Girl. Games. I wanted to crack up. Literally - a site that is chock full of girl games? Not just 'girl' games, but easy ones. Now I don't know if that implies that girls can't take extremely hard games, or that there is a market to to make games super ridiculously easy for certain gals out there _obviously these guys have never heard of popcap games...or anything on Facebook - totally easy sauce) - but my interest was piqued.

Well, then I saw the small selection of games they offered. The categories under which games were under:

* Barbie
* Bratz
* Celebrity
* Cooking
* Dress Up
* Kissing
* Make Over

This lead me to believe that the site catered to tweens and yungins. Kinda like free realms but in pink. Definitely nothing in the list that would captivate a girl into say games that last longer than 30 mins or an pc, and/or console game geek. But alas I was wrong. Amongst the girly kid fare, unsavory selections such as 'Perry the Perv' and supposedly girly 'kissing games' are in there. Disregard the cliche pidgeon holing that all girls get that expects us to be cute, pink, and over the top feminine.

Now when I think kissing game - I think Japanese Import Dating Sim. Which tend to cater to well horny and lonely men - or really super bored gamers who like anything Japanese. So now I'm thoroughly confused. Easy Girl Games seems to be full of easy games, and they have girls in them - but that's the only qualification they have. Whether they are in then as a cute Dora, or a creepy guy's hookup is a toss up. So if you decide to head in here, be forewarned girls over the age of 13 (or hell of any age) - some of these games are more for easy boys* needing some easy games with girls characters in them.

But! This site does offer child friendly fare - alot of the games are really cute and have that tween appeal. Many of the games in there appeal to that audience. You can Explore with Dora. You can dance with Ke$ha. These so many dress up, house themed, dating (the pg kind), friend themed, and story/fantasy themed games that a young girl would have fun playing. Just be wary of some of the misplaced adultish titles and a girl could have a good time here.

*Course if you're a guy that thinks playing anything that's not a console/pc game easy then - may wanna pass too.


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