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Counting Ca$h.

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The small, slight Trolless in charge of the girls funding (or rather trust fun at this point) sat outside on one of the stone benches that lined the beach outside of the casino. She had Tomechan beside her - the quiet Death Knight keeping her company as well as protecting her from any unsavory types.

Hotastash - the pet name (alternating between the more disparaging 'Hota the Pimp') the others gave her for her unwavering need to keep all funds in order - tallied the current amount and the additional 'tithes' from the girls' winnings and earnings. This was justified in 'making sure the bills get paid'. Of course heavy spenders like Hotaruchan needed to be reminded of this more often - like akin to reminding a five year old.

The younger Trolless stretches out on the stone garden benches, warmed by the shine of the sun. Small plants grew around it, lending it a well worn, yet comfortable feel - reminding her of the temple rock in the Zandalarian jungles. They were actually over quota - but why tell them that?


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