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As I roam for a new home in rl...

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I've invested a lot into this silly blog. What was once a silly lark has become more of a part baby, part Easter egg. Everyday I ponder the day I should move this blog completely from blogspot. I have mucho love for em and all, but I always wonder - what would happen if Google just up and decided 'no more web hosting for you!'. As it is I was reading a post at one of my favorite freelancer hangouts, Google (at least their CEO) is implying that bloggers are unworthy and unprofessional.

What if that thought is more prevalent with them? What if they decide, enough is enough and poor decide to not support blogspot anymore - even with the revenue Adsense probably brings?

I would hate to think that this site and others could go up in smoke on a whim. I only own my domain name, but I'm highly tempted to seriously pitch more cash, and look into finding a paid host. So much that I thought I couldn't do, has happened here - and I refuse to let fickle attitudes jeopardize that.


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