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Apparetly Kali got a new High End Guild

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A bit ago before I left we had a guild called Audacious. They were one of the top world guilds - and they jumped off of Kalegos due to low server pop. Well that low server pop also gives low server lag. Who'da thunk it. And so a very high end world first type guild called Cuties Only decided to jump here. I recall watching these guys for TotGC tips. They within a week of being there got server first H Lich King causing a small uproar. I wanna feel bad for my server but...well they shoulda killed stuff faster?

I dunno. But at least the other horde guilds can finally get off their high horses.

Oh and +1 to the Pedobear influenced title.

Oh here's part 1 of their kill vid. (the rest are on their youtube channel).


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