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And now a moment of refinery from our favorite troll.

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Betcha you guys didn't know; but Hota has some mean piano skills. A few years of intensive piano lessons alongside her mage studies pushed her slender 3 fingered hands to the test. Chords, the speed and agility (after many, many wacks on the fingers - Instructor Orgremane didn't care she had 2 less fingers; scales are to be played correctly!) of playing her favorites like 'Ode to Grom', 'I Believe I Can Maim', and 'Zadalarian Rhapsody' alongside her arcane tricks made her a hit at parties.

She was so good she could play by her pointed ears! Here's her practice buddy Yoke Wong showing off during class:

Now picture that with only 3 hands. Very talented no? To bad Hota got caught up in that raiding thing. Maybe now that she on permanent vaca she can get back to tickling the ivories (and by ivories I mean keys not men ^.~).


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