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Well Valentines is Rolling on By....

And since last Xmas I felt cheap and didn't buy anything (still working on that getting financially stable thing - bills came first) and double worse his bday was around the same time, I feel like I should make it up to that bf lurking behind me. We've had it rough, bad stuff was said on both ends, but I can honestly say I see some shinning hope. Btw this guy is a WoW player. Was his fault I even got into WoW. So, even though I loathe seeing him play, it's not his fault that I grew meh about it. I also know that I want to get him something.

But getting him perfume or flowers seems cliche. Even a bit useless since he's a total geek. Getting him a WoW related item also seems a bit cliche...and since his spending spree with buying Steam games (he has like over 70!) and working on buying a new gaming system piece by piece, I feel kinda stumped on what type of valentine gifts he'd want.

I mean being a gamer he should be easy to shop for right? Last Xmas he proved he listened to me after all and got me the Kill Bill set. I totally just brought it up one day as I was complaining about the shitty censoring network TV did to it (I mean listen to Oren's speech...terrible dubbing!).

But there on my computer chair before he left to see family was the set. I wanna do that to him this Valentine, but I'm stumped. I mean I could find him an Aliens related item, but he has all the movies. WoW - again he doesn't need anything there. Movies? Atm he's set.

Finding the old vintage Commodore stuff from his youth - remember he's got a good 6 years on me - well is a bitch. Me thinks I'm gonna haveta double snoop his room while he's at work. I hate feeling stumped. Wish he was like my Uncle, my Uncle loves Rush, a certain cologne, and band equipment (his band is taking off!). Sigh...my head hurts.

Claudia Lawrence said...
February 4, 2010 at 6:25 AM  

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Darksaturn7 said...
February 4, 2010 at 1:06 PM  

Well I appreciate the comments. I personally dislike whem ppl throw in marketing stuff at me (I already do back end things with more established marketers) but I'll let it slide because I think you meant well.

But yar I'm glad you like to read me, was more curious as to what specifically caught your eye?

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