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Oh Snap Steam!

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After finding out that Steam itself was free (I swear I though that you had to pay a fee for it!) I decided to go and download it. Funny a month after I left Warcraft I've discovered outside games again! I mean I'll always have love for the mmos and all but getting into single player, and shooters, puzzles, and all of them things that the non WoWers do - it's a breath of fresh air.

I don't feel obligated to play for hours on end, or need to rearrange my time around em either. So weird. I can be not pigeon holed into 'Hota the Troll Mage that makes things go boom boom' - I can be Hota the sniper, the puzzle gamer, or wait...I can be 'Martene the Gamer'. So wierd to play as myself and not as a character. I almost feel like I was trapped in a 4 year long RP session that never ended once the game was logged out of.

So weird, and so fun again. I only could see my self being a caster type, but I can branch out and experience other things. Funny how things change when gaming becomes fun again. One of my ex WoW buddies is supposed to send me a Steam Gold kit. I so can't wait. This system was build to game on...I wanna see it destroy some games and lol at them with its insta speed.


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