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The Copper Slots and Moonspy

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As the the tall, lanky Troll Magus chats up a hard body from the lands of Senjin, her more reserved partner headed to the slot machines. The Tauren felt that gambling was an over glorified place to waste money, but felt out of place not participating. She slid to the slot machines rvm, tentatively pulling down a lever.

The Druid thanked the Earth Mother that most of their funds was being held with their bank mules - Hota was known for wanting extravagance, and in that pursuit would spend away all our savings if not checked. Moon chuckled at the whinny begging session that took place before they had even set foot on the casino floor.

'But I need ta look like hawt fiayh! Loan me just a couple 1k g? Pwese?'

'*sighs heavily* But you are retired. Meaning you currently do not work and need none if you spend wisely.'

'PWEASE?!' *bats an eyelash*

'Here. Not go, play or something. ....Why do I always get a head ache when you ask me for things?'

Moon walked up to the first machine. It had emblazoned on the front, Lucky Red. She spun, and suddenly found herself seeing flashing lights all around herself. She had won a tidy sum of 25 g from the copper slot. 'Nice haul for a 1 copper game', she remarked.

And so for a few hours she played and played, winning some loosing some, but in the end walking away with a net gain of 50 g. Enough to buy some drinks and some nightly entertainment - didn't say Moon was a nun, just more practical <3


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