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Video Gaming and wait....WoW = ABCs?

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Well a bit ago I posted an blog post about links I've found around on the web. One of my links was on video games. I still am mentally debating the limitations that article poses, as I still am staunch about the term as I do not think it is an umbrella term as it was used in the article.

the ABCs of WoW laid out a summary of how to start off in the game. Normal, fluff article until this caught my eye -

'Also, there are "good" and "bad" side to the characters you will meet on the World of Warcraft. The "good" side is known as Alliance, and consists of Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Draenei. In contrast, the "bad" side is known as Horde and includes Orcs, Forsaken, Tauren, Trolls, and Blood Elves.'

I totally loled hard after reading that. Did the writer honesty read the game or did they just glean content from the box and a few sites? I can definitely tell he or she didn't read a line of lore.

Anyone who has read the lore, or even has played the game know that both factions are more than a LotR evil versus good fight fest (Tolkien and LotR fans don't kill me!). Each faction has its motives, prejudices, and stories that tells you how each race became to be, how each faction became to be, and why they act as they do.

For example the history of humans putting orcs into internment camps, or Jaina Proudmore defending the Horde races, ore the corruption of Dreanor and the fel taint that cause the original Horde to go ape shit crazy on any other living things - both factions have done wrong against the other. Some of them try to make amends, and some hold onto old hatreds.

I mean, I find the current leaders of both factions to be of great contrast to what one would see as a just ruler to one that is war crazy. The Horde has a wise leader that can sometimes lose his cool and is forced to make harsh decisions. The Alliance a hot headed warmonger who just wants blood revenge. Neither side in my opinion could be seen as just good and evil. If anything the author should had been honest and said that each faction is a shade of grey, both have their motivations, some clearer than others.

I can just picture a random newb, rolling an Orc Warrior expecting blood, guts, and eating babies (ok maybe an Orc Lock - they do that stuff you know) and getting Dalaran. Full of slackers and faction changers. War - not so much. I hope some day, a 'beginning WoW' guide writer will tell it like it is both lore and game wise.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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