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Video Games and Selling

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I was reading around the inter webs and found some neat articles. One was about the definition and upserp of the term 'video game'. I always considered the term to refer more to console games, as video usually conjures to mind the display of images on a TV screen. I guess I'm old school, but I always separated PC from console, from even handheld gaming.

I mean the major defining factor between the 3 is what medium each takes place on. But the article is saying that all games that take place electronically are 'video games'. But this leads to a conundrum. Are all electronic games that involve a screen (TV screen, PC monitor, hand held mini screens) able to be lumped into that category by that alone?

I mean I would find my self hard pressed to describe my PC as simply a platform - pcs do more than host games. And most gaming consoles do more - they play movies, go online, play music - like a pc. If anything the line between console video game system and pc has been blurring...I wonder if they'll come a time when the term video game will be phased out or be changed to reflect things as they are now?

I also found myself reading a non biased, without virol article on how to buy a WoW account. As someone who just sold her account, I found the process to be easy and if anything less of a loss.

If I got scammed out of my account I could get it back. One could erase most personal/financial information before an account transfer and not worry of it being hacked. And if in the end I don't get paid - I'd just lost a bundle of time not money as in the case of a buyer.

A buyer gets to buy accounts, sight unseen - I mean they can see screen shots and maybe a movie, but they'd have to trust that the account is what is advertised. For all they know they have an account on a barren server with no money and every thing stripped. And to explain to Blizzard what happened would just be a loss of time and money.

In this article, a small easy to read guide is laid out for those wishing to do this with minimum risk and loss. I also liked that it listed real reasons as to why people would do this and what one should look for when purchasing. Rather decent read for those hunting for a new class or a quicker lead into the game.
Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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