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5 Bloodsuckingly-Good Free Vampire Web Games


The idea of vampires wrapped up in all of their usual mystery and violence, has been given a recent infusion with the success of stories like Twilight and the films based off the books. This current infatuation with vampire mythos has also served to spotlight a number of online games that have been used by loyal players for some time now. Running the gamut from deeply involved RPG multi-player worlds to basic kill the opponent games, this article focuses on just 5 bloodsuckingly-good free vampire web games.

Here are just five free vampire web games that you might want to try to get your daily vampire fix.

1. Crimson Moon – This web-based RPG has an elaborate back-story that features the rise and conflicts of werewolves, vampires, and mixed-blood hybrids. You can choose what race you belong to and then you get to play a part in the history of Melania, facing all manner of threats in this violent and brutal world.

2. Vampire Boy – This game is on the other end of the spectrum. It is less about playing roles and more about completing designated tasks. In other words, it is a traditional video game you can play free on the web. The story involves helping the little vampire Villiam search the castle and locate all the candies. The game allows you to transform into a bat to fly and grab the treats from hard to reach places. Yet, the bat power has limits. You can access this once you've collected five sweets, which is indicated by a meter at the top of the screen.

3. Reign Of Blood – The RPG/MMORPG game Reign Of Blood has been hailed as the number one vampire game. The premise of the game places you as a vampire with no memory of your past. You must enter a sinister place known as Dead City. The key to playing is surviving. As you grow stronger and learn more about the world, you will help to advance the storyline. It is a text-based game where you interest with fellow users in a virtually limited cyber-world.

4. Vampire Slay – Despite the vampiric trappings, this game is just a simple shooter game, for the most part. It doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable when you have some free time moving from level to level killing ugly ghouls in the process.

5. Immortal Night – Another online RPG game allows you to create your own vampire or werewolf characters. You will then be free to prowl the virtual landscape, evading human hunters while traveling around the globe feasting and waging war against rival Houses to gain territory. You will have a chance to establish your own House, collect Mythical Object, and get guidance through means like tarot cards or by throwing bones. Build your own adventures.

There are other free games that focus on vampires. If are one of the many who has been snared by this wildly popular topic you will probably be looking for your own free vampire web games.

Mary E. Ward blogs about how to become a phlebotomy technician.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict

Kpness said...
January 23, 2010 at 3:21 PM  

I used to play Immortal night. Wasn't too bad. I enjoyed it for a couple months, but it began to cut into my WoW time and we can't have that now can we. Therefore, I had to quit. I couldn't split the little time I have to play games, so I needed to make a choice. WoW won

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