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Take Time To Appreciate The Holiday

Remote Desktop Options for the Lazy Troll

Still hemming and hawing about web hosting.

Updates and a ''return to WoW?

My Black Friday Adventure

Yah know...

Bestest Friends

Gaming Convention

Rereading some old favorites

Random Update is Random

Finally broke down and got myself a Wii

Apparently the spammers insist I still play WoW

What have I've been doing nao?

Shepard Fairey - Sticker art of the 00's Gamer Generation

At leasts it tries to be green. Trying is caring.

July 4th!

The casino has more than cards and smoke.

Saturation-Albert Wesker (Satisfaction Remix)

Self storage for your gaming collection.

Magicus Interuptus.

Bad sci-fi can be good entertainment

Mail Check!

Changes to my 'raiding' tab.

Mother of the Year?

Gearscore =/= Win.

Anime and Cartoons

What if I walked around as my old Avatar?

Let's crash this party.

Total Geek Night.

A plot or merely eye candy?

Rogue Solos Patchwerk

Continuing Hotaruchan's edumuhcashun.

5 Ways to Prevent World of Warcraft Addiction

A PSA - Because I kinda never adressed it.

Oops I forgot to note....

Used Games at Gamestop.com

Upping the Nerd Quotient - LEGO + Star Wars = Explosions.

South Park’s World of Warcraft

FAIL - in pictures and song.

Diablo 3 already has an account market.

I had to share this....

The Shady 'Magician'.

Zelda: Encouraging Crazy White Kid Rap Since 1986

Hunting for a new HD drive - My PC is Evil.

Oh and Parappa gooddness and .....Evilll!

Orphan Had Just about Everything

I fail at pictures.

Hunter Tricks > Magic Tricks

Forum Wars - Free your inner Troll.

Magic users > the lot of you 'others'.


Hackers in mah emails.

Apparetly Kali got a new High End Guild

On the hunt for a Laptop.

I will cut you Cathedral.

You wouldn't know it -

I baletted my FF12 save.

To all you stoners out there-

Opps Apparently I did have the Video.

a Hota Says Moment

Running around like a headless chicken.

Mysiae learns a magic trick!

I have to say this - Paying Post = FAIL.

Someone has a problem - part 2.

If only my computer sounded this cool after crapping on me.

A 'gaming site' review....

I joined mah first guild. Yay.

Someone has a problem.

2nd RoM Vid.

Blog Themes - Should I change?

Playing with We Game.

Counting Ca$h.

It has come - Failocalypse.

As I roam for a new home in rl...

What exactly are you doing? Slacking.

And now a moment of refinery from our favorite troll.

Spoons are bad, mmkay?

OMG...I want an Epeen Meter!?

I'm On a Horse

In case you were wondering

Wine and Cheese?

Chocobos in Hats!

Even more hosting woes.

Wii deals


New Gadgets

Ya Know...this reminds me of a certain game with Zombies....

The Copper Slots and Moonspy

For the old school DnDers Amonst Us....

Well Valentines is Rolling on By....

Oh Snap Steam!

Can Shirts Add to My Awesome?

I went over to the free side....Runes of Magic

Video Gaming and wait....WoW = ABCs?

Damn You Farmville.

On the hunt for more links!

Video Games and Selling

Hota has already been name changed.

Olibith still roxs my socks off.

Well now what? I still play games damnit!

End Game.

Festergut - a server first for like 10 mins LOL

And so....I've been busy lul

5 Bloodsuckingly-Good Free Vampire Web Games