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A year has came and went...

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Yeah I said I was gunna update the blog Sun. I lied. Muhaha. But admittedly I was busy. Busy getting finally that 3D in 25 Title...I look legit now :) Or snagging me not only a 3D 10 group, but a 10 togc group that landed me a batch of achievements! Now if only I could win that cape...or even that mount would rock.

But mostly I've been enjoying the world events and well- being Hota.

Also my wayward Huntard from another server got transferred over to Kellogs so I can pester the allies more. My poor lvl 22 mage got baletted, but then again there's only room for one Hotaruchan on this server..and a lvl 22 just wont do.

As I slowly but surely finish up my Seeker and Loremaster achievements, I reflect on this small but wonky blog. Its been a year. A year. I guess I can focus on something outside of WoW. So happy birthday blog :)

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