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Viking Grills Yar!

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Viking grills were brought up one day while I was on the ever going search of a decent grill for my family. My Grandma isn’t much of a cook. She can by a miracle or by bad luck light water on fire and fail and producing an edible dinner. Hence she orders out lots. But oddly she likes to buy high end appliances to ‘look like the Joneses’. Hence her huge fridge full of ice and old food from days before and a nice stove that gathers dust. But I also think she hopes on my Uncle to come over and cook over at her place.

Now my Uncle wasn’t always a good cook either, but over his 4 years in prison picked up his love for cooking and expanded on it the day he got out. He had friends host him a barbeque and he ended up taking over most of it! Grandma over heard him murmuring about someday wanting a Viking grill for himself. Now being a guy with jail time on his record, find work has been hard. He was (and still is) a certified truck driver but CDL work is rare and hard to find in this economy. But finding work in other sectors is also hard due to his prison record hasn’t exactly been great.

But did I mention he’s also a damn fine musician? Playing the Guitar and Keyboard (Drums at one point) since he was in high school, he’s making a living doing gigs in his band. He makes a decent haul, but just to keep all the bills afloat- not enough to splurge on a grill. But Grandma is retired and well wants him around to cook some good food. Why not lure him over by getting her self a Viking grill?

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