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Looking around for webhosting?

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As it nears the 1 year mark of me running this blog, I’ve started to debate on the long haul. I love this blog. I enjoy the constant upkeep and changes, tweeks, and even more tweeks that I have subjected it to. I’ve accepted offers, declined them, posted ads, written ads, and hell even blogged. To take a blog that was meant to quell my longing for WoW and to convert it into my personal shire of all things Gaming and Geek. I’ve even invested in the domain name to keep it personally mine. But I feel maybe, just maybe it could be time for me to take it up a notch.

I’ve used Blogger’s platform since day one. I of course tried to hide the tell tell signs but if you look not too hard, you can tell it’s a Blogger blog. Not that I hate the guys- they’ve done me well. And considering they are free (for a lancer on the cheap like I), that’s a cool investment. But eventually I know I’ll have to say goodbye.

But to where? There’s am army of sites that offer web hosting, vps hosting, mail hosting, Windows hosting, Domain hosting, dedicated server hosting, and that not including the myriad tips on how to self host off of your own server (also an option I’ve thought of since we run our own server here- but that requires getting more in-depth with Wordpress). But so many options…

At least this web hosting comparison site Web Hosting Geeks narrows it down some. I happened upon this site from word of mouth and find their itemized list of various hosting options and comparisons to take a lot of the guess work out for me. They have a list of the most popular hosting sites for whichever hosting you are searching for, then lists their upfront features, bonuses, and prices. They then allow users to review each host, allowing people like me the option to see if the level server advertised is true.

I wish in hindsight I knew about this place earlier. I like my current domain host and I know they offer hosting as well, but the thought of knowing I could’ve gotten a better deal had I went to this site kinda irks me. I highly suggest these guys if in the future you plan on hosting your blog – it leaves you well informed and better off in your hunt for a reliable and cost saving web host.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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