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I'll Ring Your Bell!

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A Farm Bell is one of those whimsical things that like wind chimes; just bring a nice touch to most doors and gardens. I am a bit partial to bells and love the clear sound of one on the wind. I remember the soft ding of a church bell and am transported to a serene place. Now I don’t own a farm, but would that small black bell just contrast nice with my brick house? I think it would. And it’s of just a size to now annoy other neighbors. Then again bell vs. a dog…I’d take the bell any day over incessant barking!

Dinner bells though…I always wondered how people could’ve heard that small think over farm equipment and the noises of animals. At least church bells are huge…you kind of can’t miss those! I just picture that one farm hand not having great hearing and missing dinner…good thing there’s the watch I guess. Installing a dinner bell on the house…very bad idea.

But I can just picture that Farm Bell right on out porch by our lamp. Then again that might weird the neighbors out. We could put it on the back door- it could double as security in case someone tries to break in (which sadly had been attempted on that door)! Between the completely filled room behind that door and the loud bell, it’d be a great deterrent to any would be thieves. I can dream can’t I? Though I can see a good wind having fun with it…were not known for getting too much wind around here. A soft bell tinkling and the wind, and a loud obnoxious clang if someone’s being sneaky…win win.

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