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Well I'm Sorta Cool?

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People are like all over this gear score thing...gear score this or that. 'Wow hero them'. Instead of achievements I see requests for gear score. I recall going to wow-heroes but found it more an epeen site that people can pour over. The guild/gear ranking site 2.0. In fact I recall it down ranking a trinket due to its ilvl (the haste one from H ToC 5 man) a few months ago. Finding it silly, I let it be and forgot about it.

Well lets just say that site has inadvertently put scrutiny on me. See I'm a simple mage. I spam a rotation, tweek things, and try to do good. I've seen x10 better than me. I don't think I'm all that. But said site has me apparently the top geared mage on the server. People are like 'Hota show me this, what do you use here, you are a Gawdess!?1!!' Trade chat people were like yeah you are like really geared.

So I went to the site.

Right there I was top mage. This makes me cry a little inside. What was a simple epeen page is now a pr overload. Doesn't help that I do rather above average dps in most runs. But I will make my statement...I am not good. I am a hack at best! I've seen guildies run circles around me in dps!

People then go 'you lying, your dps is awesume!?' I've had a few people send me tells (aka stalk me) cause I can't do wrong. I hate that site. I hate being treated as if what I'm doing is hard to do. I'd rather better people get the attention their due. Sigh...hopefully this numbers fad will end. I want fans cause I'm goofy, not cause I'm a higher number than so and so. Just feels odd...like skill doesn't matter.

I dunno. I just feel pressure now cause I'm the IT Mage. Celebrity sucks.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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