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Weathervanes and Wind

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Weathervanes always had a sense of nostalgia and history with me. They remind me of barns and coastal houses as they were the only buildings I ever saw with them on. Or of the Wizard of OZ as a weathervane flips frantically on top of Dorothy’s barn. They look so simple and yet so well made and crafted. It’s a shame you rarely see them used anymore or on normal houses. Then again most houses don’t have the needed steeple to hold them up. Also with the advent of the up to date weatherman/women and satellite systems, most know about inclement weather well before it lands on their area.

But there are still being made and in more delicate and intricate designs.

Today’s weathervane has passed from the standard iron to being made from copper, stainless steel, or stained glass. They also are more creative in themes such as mythical creatures, planes, flags, even firemen!

There are many size types as well. Cottage weathervanes are small that can hang from a garage, or a small back shed. Garden weathervanes are built as garden decoration and are more elegant than a gnome or flamingo! The full-size weathervanes are the types you see on top of residential homes. There are also extra large weathervanes that are made for commercial buildings, barns, and large homes. So finding a weathervane has gotten way easier than in the past.

I personally like the last picture and this witchy one:

The look of the lady flying to many realms (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and the 4 directions right under seems like a nod to ritual work. I can see this particular vane on a Covenstead adding to the energy of the space.

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