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A Toilet By Any Other Name

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After fighting my toilet for the nth time I’m considering options. See I live in a house built in the early 60s. Now overtime people update and fix things. Well my Grandma…well lives under the assumption that things work forever. But I’ve made sure that things get fixed. Like the hall toilet. It finally got replaced with a newer toilet a few years ago. But the inner workings in the tank were dated. We fixed that. But now I have to hand push the pump to fill with water. This gets old very fast. See I wouldn’t have to do this with a Composting Toilet. I could just set it and forget it (literally)!

Why a Composting Toilet you ask? Well for one you wouldn’t have to deal with water, or the water bill. Our toilet was running for the longest time, jacking up our bill on top of it not working. With a Composting Toilet, I could cut the use of water all together. I could get an electric one that does everything for me.

There is the option of Toilet Composting where you do it without electric and well compose all the waste for an outside garden, making it so you don’t use electricity or water to run the toilet. This is the cheapest alternative though all of them are remarkably odorless and sanitary to use. And many come in smaller space saving sizes. Considering the hall bath isn’t all that big, seems like a sweet deal. Besides having less water usage overall would save house and environmental strain. Downside is I’d have to convince Grandma that it’s a good investment. I know I plan on one when I move out.

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