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New Game Controller Time


Yesterday I was involved in a very intense Warsong Gulch match...well lets just say I kinda broke a key on my mouse in my overzealous need to tag someone. I am no stranger to breaking gaming controllers. I don't do it out of rage, I just get so into a game I'll smash things. I have dainty hands and yet somehow they break.

At least I'm not my sister. She slams her ps2 console everywhere when she gets angry. Very unnerving. She'll just chucking the poor thing down some stairs. I'm glad I never have her borrow my stuff!

This is partly the fear I have with Wii controllers. I can just see that thing flying out of my hand straight into the TV! But then again that what makes a good video game. If you can get that immersed into it that you break things unintentionally, then I call that a fun game.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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