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More Fire Pits :)

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I apparently have a theme with fire. Or I’m a pyromaniac with a love for fire. Remember my last posts on Chimineas and Sojoe Fire Pits? Well there are other outdoor fire pits that are available to be found. I’ve seen those large campfire style fire pits that are perfect for a campout telling tall tails and smores at night. But knowing us we’ll spend more time chanting, bonding, and jumping over it (fire jump at your own risk!).

An outdoor fire pit can also double as a barbeque, doing two jobs at once. Earth centered people, while some being very vegan, some are carnivores and proud of it. The smell of the days catch (or hunt), to simple brought from the store fair mingling with the scents of herbs and incense makes for a truly exotic experience.

And the fire ring (a type of outdoor fire pit) can easily be put together and taken apart. I would be even more surprised if these aren’t popping up at festivals already. Many in the festival and Pagan community are already earth centric and love to spend much time out doors. And some of the designs are rather in step with that lifestyle.

Many of the fire pits depict stars, wild animal scenes, nature, and even Kokopelli themes. And the ‘controlling’ and amazement that the element of Fire does to people, well I at least would be shocked if I saw no fire pits! Well other than the standard cauldron of course!

Cauldrons have been the standard fire pit of old (aside from dug dirt fire pits). But with newer options out, many will experiment. I just can’t wait till the night is lit with small warm fires. The image is just beautiful.

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