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How to Organize and Move Your Game Collections in Moving Boxes

How do you organize them? All the cables, the controllers, the systems, the DVD disks (or CD, or cartridges...and man do we have many). I've decided to be helpful (for once) and lend my storage ideas to others. Hence:

How to Organize and Move Your Game Collections in Moving Boxes (especially vintage ones).

Spunky title, eh?

Well for one, I sort my things by console and game. Since this house has combined 12 consoles (not including the 2 gameboy sps, or the C64 set up -the C64 stuff could be its own storage unit.) It makes sense to keep the consoles safely packed away.

Save for the 3 we have out, consoles we don't use, are packed into their retail box and then into into bigger tubs. Tubs keep the consoles save from dust, bugs, and otherwise keeps the stray cables in one place. If the console is without the box, wrap them in their cables and pack the tub according to size and weight. Ie: don't pack an Atari 2600 and Colecovision on top of the NES! Even better is to sort older (aka less replaceable) consoles away from newer ones or ones you'll use more often.

Now note I said consoles, not the controllers or games. Games should be sorted by type and size. Ie keep DVDs and CDs together (or even back copies up on a hard drive if your consoles can read copies), and cartridges with others. Try to keep the insertion end of cartridges covered with the sleeves they come with. Sleeves for various consoles can be found easily from vintage gaming stores.

I like keeping a list of games somewhere (either written or typed) to make sure you don't find doubles!

The controllers/paddles/joysticks can be a problem all their own. They tend to get fragile over time and a pain to replace for certain systems. Wrap the cords around the controller itself. The cord will protect the controller from being moved and fondled too hard. The controller for our imported Panasonic Q (Japanese GC with DVD player) started to feel wonky, and try to find a Japanese compatible GC controller!
We store those into their own storage bin, to keep them all in one place.

Having games organized like this will also be of help when moving. If you do not have access to tubs, storage boxes can be of great help.

When packing then make sure:

*Free components/accessories like cams, mice, guns and other items are wrapped in bubble wrap.

*Put padding around controllers as they tend to be the most fragile when moving and a jostle can break an internal working.

*Games are easiest to pack. As mentioned with tubs, sort them by system and name. Most games come in sleeves, cases, or if a lose CD/DVD can be put into a spindle. If you have to layer them on top of the other, put a thin layer of padding better to prevent the top games from breaking the cases of the bottom game.

*Consoles should be wrapped in bubble and preferably packed in an individual box. Though if two small systems can be packed together.

*Like computer components DO NOT leave boxed gaming systems or components outside in the weather as raid and or sun can both soak through a box and damage them.

*Make sure to label each box and each side is 'up'. Last thing you'd want is bent controllers, broken game cases, or a DOA game system!

Mind you I still suggest inventorying each item once a year (and immediately after a move) to make sure all items are working and in good condition. Keeping track of your gaming stash will lead to many more years of fun down the road!

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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