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Fire Magic Grills

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Remember when I chatted about looking for a grill? Well my mother also is in need of one. After dealing with the small circular types, she now is willing to put a reasonable investment into one. And well living in a condo she decided to give in. The fact that she lived in a house and used a cheapo grill is a testament to her frugalness. So I offered to help her find a nice one to buy. After hunting around, I found a contender. Fire Magic Grills seems to offer everything she’d need to grill outside.

Let’s just hope my Uncle doesn’t snag it! (He likes to borrow things for a long, long time)

Well, a Fire Magic Grill gets that name due to the magic it produces on an outdoor grill. I know that for one, Ma loves to grill fish, steak, and various other things outside…having them all not burn or over lap in flavors due to a shady grill would be rather awesome. Sometimes her ex Karl likes to come over and be chef (he loves to cook, breakfast lunch in dinner; but between you an me Ma was better!) and so can be right sloppy.

Well this grill would allow him to go to town when he comes by. Ma and him are still on friendly terms and so, free food, free labor, free beer, how could one go wrong! I can see him acting all bas ass on a Fire Magic Grill, grilling anything and everything out on the patio…neighbors sneaking over to see what’s up…

This grill would be super to get her. And since her birthday is at the end of November it’d be a great surprise!

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