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Now even thou I have my personal views on buying and selling virtual things, some one have their reasons. I know a good many people that have went to Buy World of Warcraft accounts. Do I judge them? No not really. Some want to experience the feel of playing a new class. Some do this well and unless you up and ask, you wouldn't know. Some are obvious thou, hence they 'your an eBay comment' that sometimes happens when you do things that a person of your level shouldn't. So choose wisely.

I figure that even though the game is new, even Aion will have people wanting to Buy Wow and Aion Accounts. But at least in Aion there isn't a 'set' way to do things yet so flaws can maybe be overlooked.

Most people I know are in the Sell WoW and Aion accounts category.
Many just are tired of the game, but kind of want a return on the time invested. I know a few that real life just sat in, crashed everything and they needed to sell their characters to survive. A priest in our guild who have fragments of Vay'nir had to drop ship due to life throwing more important things into his lap. I know when I was gone for that long while, the though did cross my mind. But like others, I'm too attached to my characters and the hours, years of adventure they represent.

Now, what I'm saying is the real life money being traded in virtual realms isn't necessarily a black and white thing. Some want more option, some need the cash. Some will find the purchase rewarding, but some will fail. Like people who buy gold do so cause they can I find myself unable to demonize them. But know this, I have no interest in such things. I grew my character and farmed my money by my own hands. I'm just old school I guess.

Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict


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